This week, we have visited the school library! We really enjoyed looking at a whole range of books such as magazines, comics, non-fiction books and picture books. We spent some time enjoying the books with each other and we brought a selection back to our classroom so that we can carry on reading them too!

Reading for Pleasure

On this reading for pleasure day, we looked at non fiction books. The book we looked at was:

During our day we focussed on working together in a team by building the tallest tower using Lego and creating posters with our partners all about how different animals work together!


In our art lesson, we are preparing for our final piece by practising different techniques. We used paper by scrunching, twisting and layering to create a range of different textures.


This week, we have started to become geologists! We compared different rocks based on their lustre, hardness, colour and streak. We grouped rocks together based on their similarities and we also had a go at ordering the different rocks too.

Our First Week

Wow! What a fantastic week! I have really enjoyed being back in school and getting to know each and every one of you!

We have started exploring a new book: The Day The Crayon’s Quit. We even made our own crayons to go with the story. We took part in some drama during our session with Miss Borton and we acted like crayons that were fed up of being overworked. Next week, we are going to be exploring nouns.

We have also thought about our rights and thinking about how we want to feel when we are in school. We had some great vocabulary such as: respected, inspired and loved! We wrote these feelings on our hands and decorated them for our display.